Beba Healthcare Centre


Beba Healthcare Centre - Medical Clinic, Thousands of specialties for any type diagnostic.

Our doctors possess a high level of professionalism, with vast practical experience and regular training in prestigious institutions and courses worldwide. They also have a distinct passion for providing healthcare to children.

Neonatal (Newborn) Care

Intensive | High dependency | Low dependency | Transitional care


Eczema | Skin diseases of children | Tinea Capitis

Respiratory and Infectious diseases

Bronchopneumonia | Asthma | Congenital respiratory disorders | Perinatal respiratory diseases

Paediatric & Special Healthcare Needs Dentistry

Dental Checkup
Dental Cleaning
Restorative Dentistry
Oral Health Promotion


We are a Chain of a Child Specialists

Care For Child That Goes Beyond The Next Level


The best paediatrician in town, the Dr is well experienced and knows what he is doing. I would recommend anyone with a baby to go have their best experience there.

Emergency Care

Emergency number:
+27 71 418 3018
In case of emergency visit the nearest casualty with your child.

Comprehensive Child Care

Nurture your child’s health and well-being with our comprehensive pediatric services, dedicated to providing quality care for every stage of their development.

Newborn Attendance

Ensure a healthy start for your newborn with our attentive routine newborn attendance, providing expert care and guidance during this precious time.

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